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Group lessons…Good or bad?

This might be a controversial topic for some (well, as controversial as we can get when discussing violin lessons) but its one that’s been playing on my mind for sometime now. Are group violin lessons good or bad or just a little bit of both?

I teach about 16 group lessons a week. The majority of […]

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Tiny Temper Tantrums

Every music teacher’s nightmare. A child leaving a lesson screaming and crying and having to explain to visibly confused parents what on earth brought this tiny temper tantrum on! I hate these lessons. Thankfully they are few and far between.

I start them young on the violin – when they begin primary two to be exact. […]

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Setting goals and renewing motivation

Happy New Year and congratulations for making it through the first week back to work and school! I absolutely LOVE routine so after battling to break the terrible sleep pattern we fell into over the holidays, I’m feeling productive and organised and excited for a new term! I’ve also just spent my entire weekend researching holidays […]

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