Assessing musical ability

When I meet a new student one of the first things I do is carry out a brief assessment of musical ability. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t test or assess musical abilities to judge which students I will teach. Quite the contrary. Assessing musical ability helps me get to know my students and […]

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Musical ability

During my Masters Degree I completed a paper that discussed the stimulation of musical abilities in the early stages of a pianist’s development, the role of piano repertoire and different forms of piano lessons. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it was one of my favourite papers as it challenged me to think in […]

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What the heck is pedagogy? Part II

I can’t believe we’re about to start week four of school! Where does the time go? My plan to have part II of ‘what the heck is pedagogy’ up on the blog two weeks ago was one almighty fail. I’m blaming my love of autumn and my need to go and buy every cosy jumper […]

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What the heck is pedagogy? Part I

Don’t worry. You’re not the first person to ask me that. Every time I tell someone I’ve studied piano pedagogy they look at me like I have six heads. If you’ve snooped around my website you’ll also have seen that word mentioned a lot so I figured it was about time to explain what the […]

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Buying a new violin

Over the summer I’ve had a few parents contacting me about buying a new full size violin for their child. If you know nothing about the violins I appreciate this can be a daunting task and the easiest thing to do is jump onto amazon, ebay or go to your closest music store and pick […]

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Performance Preparation

I absolutely love this time of the year. It’s light in the mornings going to work, the days begin to stretch longer and we get glimpses of sunlight to cheer us on through the grey and rainy days.

It’s also exam season for my violin and piano students and although it’s full of nerves and frantic […]

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Group lessons…Good or bad?

This might be a controversial topic for some (well, as controversial as we can get when discussing violin lessons) but its one that’s been playing on my mind for sometime now. Are group violin lessons good or bad or just a little bit of both?

I teach about 16 group lessons a week. The majority of […]

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Tiny Temper Tantrums

Every music teacher’s nightmare. A child leaving a lesson screaming and crying and having to explain to visibly confused parents what on earth brought this tiny temper tantrum on! I hate these lessons. Thankfully they are few and far between.

I start them young on the violin – when they begin primary two to be exact. […]

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Setting goals and renewing motivation

Happy New Year and congratulations for making it through the first week back to work and school! I absolutely LOVE routine so after battling to break the terrible sleep pattern we fell into over the holidays, I’m feeling productive and organised and excited for a new term! I’ve also just spent my entire weekend researching holidays […]

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Welcome to my blog!

After months of thinking and planning and finally plucking up the courage to get a snazzy website designed (thank you to the talented James Ellison for all his hard work!!) I have finally done it. I have my own facebook, website and my very own little blog! If you have somehow found your way onto […]

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