Over the summer I’ve had a few parents contacting me about buying a new full size violin for their child. If you know nothing about the violins I appreciate this can be a daunting task and the easiest thing to do is jump onto amazon, ebay or go to your closest music store and pick up what you think looks like a good quality instrument. Instead of rushing out to buy that pink sparkly violin that might look cool, but sound horrific, take a moment to consider the following things.

Why does my child need a new violin?

There are two main reasons your child will need a new violin. Either they have outgrown the violin physically, or they will have outgrown the violin musically. Your choice of new instrument will depend on the size of violin needed and your child’s experience in playing the violin.

Full size violins

When you begin moving past a ½ size I would strongly recommend moving up to a better quality of violin, especially when moving up to a full size. At this point your child will need a good quality instrument to develop musically. Remember that it is the sound that the instrument produces that is key. Not the appearance. Your child needs a violin that they love the sound of. This will further their development both musically and technically.

Understandably buying a new violin depends upon your budget, but I always encourage parents to buy the very best violin they can with what they can afford. Spending that little bit more now will save you money and hassle in the long run.

Take your time!

Do not feel under pressure to buy the first violin you try. Play as many violins as possible, at all different prices to get a feel for what you like. If you don’t find something straight away that’s ok, take more time and keep looking.

Where to look for a new violin?

If you are investing in a new full size violin do NOT buy anything online. Your child must play the instrument before purchasing. I send all my students to Martin McClean (http://www.martinmcclean.com/index.html)  in Moneymore. Martin has been making and selling violins since 1993 and is an expert in the field. If you are considering upgrading to a good quality instrument, take a trip out to here first and spend time playing different violins and bows.

Finally, please ask your violin tutor for advice before purchasing an instrument. They will be able to guide you on your way, making sure you get a violin that you will enjoy playing!

Happy shopping!!

Lauren x