Happy New Year and congratulations for making it through the first week back to work and school! I absolutely LOVE routine so after battling to break the terrible sleep pattern we fell into over the holidays, I’m feeling productive and organised and excited for a new term! I’ve also just spent my entire weekend researching holidays for 2016 so I have lots to look forward too!! Tackling those January blues head on!

One of the things I love most about a new term is setting new goals. I find setting goals keeps me inspired and motivated, I know what I am aiming to achieve in the long run and this keep me disciplined with my daily practice.

I love this quote from Stewart Gordon, an American pianist and teacher. He says:

Conceptualising and performing are fundamental to performance success. The energy needed to undertake and sustain any performance is generated by our ability to glimpse an overall picture, to conceive a mega-goal, a larger plan, with as much clarity as possible. Moreover, focusing on a goal and direction renews motivation by helping to pinpoint what it is we are attempting to achieve and by what route we plan to get there.

Focusing on a goal and direction renews our motivation to practice – it helps us to pinpoint what we are trying to achieve and how to get there! As I said, I like to set large goals at the beginning of each school term, maybe choosing an element of technique I want to master, a certain piece or complete a performance exam. From here I work out my smaller weekly and daily goals. This can be anything from learning the text of another section or practicing a passage slowly to secure technical precision, listening intently to the tone produced, or coming up with ways to practice creatively.

Spend time this week setting your own goals of what you want to achieve and let these goals motivate you as you practice.

Have a lovely week!!

Lauren x