Every music teacher’s nightmare. A child leaving a lesson screaming and crying and having to explain to visibly confused parents what on earth brought this tiny temper tantrum on! I hate these lessons. Thankfully they are few and far between.

I start them young on the violin – when they begin primary two to be exact. It’s incredible what they can achieve at this age (with a lot of patience and praise and under the constant, watchful eye of Mum and Dad). I absolutely love the tiny ones, but the inevitable tiny temper tantrums that can accompany remind me of just how much we are asking of them.

I tend to be clueless as to the reasons behind tantrums. Thankfully my Mum gave me a few helpful pearls of wisdom. Having raised four of us crazy kids she’s got a wealth of experience in the tiny temper tantrum area. She reminded me that school takes a lot out of the little one’s, they can be tired or have had a bad day and not know how to express that to us. She also reminded me that sometimes we have to look past the obvious (such as my tiny student getting upset and refusing to pick up her violin) and try to figure out what else could be frustrating them.

I learn so much everyday. Every lesson is different, each student is unique and everyday brings new experiences. I love this part of my job because it keeps me on my toes. Difficult lessons that end in a little person temper tantrum are a good reminder that even the littlest child can have a bad day. They need constant encouragement and praise.

It’s a privilege to teach such little children. They truly are incredible! Take time to affirm and praise them in every lesson and do not underestimate what they can do!

Lauren x