After months of thinking and planning and finally plucking up the courage to get a snazzy website designed (thank you to the talented James Ellison for all his hard work!!) I have finally done it. I have my own facebook, website and my very own little blog! If you have somehow found your way onto this page, welcome to my very first post!!

I’m Lauren, a piano and violin teacher living in East Belfast. I’m married to Mark (isn’t he handsome), a marketing genius who works for the Belfast Giants Ice-Hockey team (no he doesn’t play) and I have three brothers, two sister-in-laws, and a beautiful little neice. I have the absolute pleasure of teaching in a few fabulous primary and secondary schools across Belfast and for the City of Belfast School of Music, and I have just completed my Masters in Musicology at Queens University Belfast!!

As much as I love practicing and performing, I absolutely love teaching my instruments. So much so that I based my Masters degree on piano pedagogy and piano performance to learn everything I could about teaching and the art of performance. I learned the most ridiculous amount and was really challenged to share what I was learning. I am so aware that in our half hour lessons with our pupils we only get to share a minimal amount of our knowledge and there is SOO much more to learn.

Over the next months and hopefully years I will be blogging about all things to do with piano, violin, teaching, performing and I hope it will be read by teachers, pupils AND parents. This is my platform to share with you my experiences of playing and teaching, my struggles and frustrations, and what I am studying and learning.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing!!

Lauren x